When a new LEVEL = a new Devil

Posted on September 10, 2014

When a new LEVEL = a new Devil

From the desk of Tiffany Peterson! Loved this and HAD to share this today :)
“There is a common phrase in the personal growth field that says: “New LEVEL, New DEVIL.”

Simply meaning that as we level up in our lives, we face new challenges, resistance, or our fears as we grow. Naturally as we grow, we are expanding our comfort zones, even when the growth is what we want – better love, more sales, new business, greater health, etc. When we commit to change, we commit to discomfort.”
~ Tiffany Peterson

I had a mentor session tonight that was eye opening for me in terms of taking people where they are at. This is at the crux of every relationship, business, and profession. You know the saying— “You can only lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.” So it is with people. Love them where they are. Counting on others for your happiness, success or needs is pointless. We are in charge of all of these. Leading is something people are very afraid of, because it comes with responsibility. From my experience, those who progress upward are those who are branching out to new areas on their own, leading large group trainings, creating trainings on their own, and presenting to large audiences. Those who are not willing to do these things will stay where they are and do not have a clear vision of their exact destination.

Does this mean that you have to travel? NO. Does this mean that you need to be super unbalanced? NO. Does this require us to ditch a deadbeat partner? Perhaps. (OUCH— that hurts!) Does this mean that you must sacrifice something? YES. Sacrificing fears for success is a must. We commit to temporary discomfort for success in anything we set out to accomplish. Are you ready for change? Don’t let FEAR guide your decisions. Our hearts will guide us to a beautiful destination!

I love the fact that when we call upon personal growth, we get to the #juicy truth behind our BEST LIFE!  We will tackle fear, resistance and doubt.  Ask this today, marinade on this…… “Am I willing to take imperfect action in the pursuit of my goals? ”

Enjoy the journey and be gentle with YOU today!
Sharon McDonald, Integrative Healthcare

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