Sewing Box Adventures

Posted on November 15, 2014

Sewing Box Adventures

The first thing you need to know about me is— I AM SUPER UNCONVENTIONAL!  So, I will poke fun at myself, society and the situations I find myself in ALL OF THE TIME.  This is not meant to disrespect anyone or their journey, it is more so to help me COPE with where I am.  Life is messy, it can be a constant concern.  No it is not fair, there isn’t any popcorn, caramel apples and animal shows on THIS RIDE!  Nope– nada!

A year ago December 2013, I went in for a breast reduction.  It was AWESOME!  I loved how I felt after 15lbs of flesh had been removed, I felt like the Nile River had been parted and I could see again.  A week later, my sweet doc handed us a report indicating I had DCIS Insitu (Ductal Carcinoma Insitu).  With tears in HIS eyes, I just looked at him with a blank look and thought— This is NO BIG DEAL.  I’ve got this!  Well…. I didn’t!  Read more on that here.

In June of 2014, I had a double mastectomy after a massive amount of research, diet change, and treatment hunting….. After nailing it all down, I found a great team and entered the Sewing Box Adventures.  Two major surgeries down with a 3-4 more planned.  My first words to my plastic surgeon when she saw me for my initial visit, “You have one shot at this…. I do not want to be in surgery over the next year for reconstruction.  Guess what???  I could remain FLAT as a pancake, or go in for what I glamorously call FAT EMBALMING!   Really, it is called ‘fat grafting”, but frankly— I feel my verbiage is BETTER because in ALL actuality, this is WhAT THEY DO!  Take fat from one area and EMBALM it into my new #breasts she formed from the muscles in my back.  Oh ya…. FUN RIGHT!!!???!

See… Cancer takes you on a road trip!  I do not feel it is FUN, but I do feel like the sights I see, the people I meet, they make this experience REAL.  I am in the first phase of reconstruction.  They will take fat from somewhere on my abdomen or thighs and redistribute by sucking it out— and embalming it back in.  Delicious right?  Ummmm, ya!  If you like ripping the seams out of your FRESHLY sewn sexy-project ripped open again to fix the arm hole you just closed up, or repair the button-hole that is puckered— SURE!  This is GREAT!  Like with ANY sewing box, there are different types of “notions”.  The same goes for the awesome people you meet when going through cancer treatments.  Darling sparkling people with Buh-buh-buh-BLING!  Snazzy zippers with style.  Buttons that take the outfit into a different direction….  YUP!  Cool people with amazing experiences and stringy stories, they all measure up.

My story for tomorrow will unfold as I go to sleep after a HOT bath in RAW botanicals, and epsom salt to calm my BROODING mood, and let my mind slip away to the anesthesia they will poor into my veins in the morning.  While I sleep— Doctor “F” will take that fat my body has blatantly been HOUSING just for this occasion…… WHO KNEW that the head to toe benefits would be mine for the taking?  Well…. Not me and I will leave the little black dress at home!

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