Experience with Integrity; Sincerely your best success tools!

Posted on September 28, 2014

Experience with Integrity; Sincerely your best success tools!




Can I just tell you how in love with my life I am!  Really!!!  How can you not be when you touch so many lives for good and letters, notes and emails or texts come in like this 3-4 times a week!  Today I will share a story from my dear friend Karin.  She was my hair stylist in Slovakia when we lived there.  She is darling— a dedicated #mother, business woman, crunchy-holistic-green momma just like me and a lover of the people she is called to serve.  Here is a #healing story she sent to me………

Real Service

“I have to tell you my healing success. I have a former couch who is 76-years old., over a year ago he got a splinter of wood under his thumb nail. Doctors gave him dozens of antibiotics, cremes, all with zero effect. It was dripping wet all that time, looking ugly. I decided to come with this miracle oil– I told him to put oregano and melaleuca essential oil on it twice a day, one drop each directly on it. Two days after— lots of puss expelled and it started to heal.
Last week (one month after he started using oils) he wrote me the thumb is dry and it seems it is ok already! I was really happy to hear it. No pharmacy, but nature helped him. This is really amazing and I am more and more convinced about its power. So this is what I wanted to share with you. Hope you are fine and everything is just great with you and your lovely family.

You see!!! What an amazing tool these cooky things can be?   I had someone say– “You only like them and promote them because you are doing this as a business.  It is not for helping people”.
Hmmm, half true, half VERY false.  I was the biggest naysayer to #networkmarketing and #sales.  I promise you.  I do not like to be sold to, and I do not like “burn and churn” network-marketing.  However, what I have found in this company that no one could share with me for 23-years, is that just because I am CARING and SHARING does NOT mean I am inviting you to do this business with me.  I have plenty of people who want to educate others on foundational health and be their #EssentialOil guide, getting paid is just frosting on the cake.    The other thing I have found is that EVERYTHING is network-marketing.  People trust their peers over media blitz and hype.  At the end of the day— we are looking to others experiences as advice.  Really!  When the local grocery store, the local dentists, the chiropractor and banks send me an ad, they are “selling” their products and services to me, their local consumer.  I can choose to take it, or leave it.  In my line of work, I do not need to “sell myself”.  I naturally share when I am asked, “What do you do for this?”  “My baby is sick with…. What have you used before?”  “I am a food-addict, what can I do to help myself out of this?”   Recently, I get a lot of this because of my #BreastCancerSurvivor story,  “I was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Can you teach me more about the eating plan you did, what #IntegrativeTherapies did you use, and how did you handle the stress of this disease?”  Do I shut them out?  NO, never.  I have been there, done that, and have experiences myself and with others taht I can #ShareNaturally, what a blessing?  To help others be self-reliant and save money?  Are you kidding me?  YES!!! I LOVE MY JOB and all the people I am blessed to associate with.

It’s super simply to become an everyday essential oil user– promise.  Plus, despite arguments, it is cost effective, works fast and easy to do.  I love being the #FirstDefence in our home.  I enjoy receiving loving letters like this one from Karin, and I thrive on helping people emotionally, financially and sometimes— even spiritually.  Yes, I LOVE MY JOB!
Sharon McDonald, Integrative Healthcare

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