Life is NOT a trial, it is the real deal

Posted on February 27, 2014

Life is NOT a trial, it is the real deal

February 12, 2014

My father’s birthday— he had passed away two years before from lung cancer after working in the uranium and cole mines during and after WWII.  He was 83.  This was my day to visit what I now call, “the cancer mill”.  This renowned cancer hospital has top notch clinicians and state of the art equipment.  What they lack real consideration other than what science could prove.  Though science was proving a LOT, this place felt like Auschwitz to me more than a place for me to get answers, a real treatment plan that was going to SHOW me why DCIS was so horrible when it was JUST CELLS!!!!  No dice.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.58.04 AMI was respected for my field, turned over from one   doctor to another (3 in total) and I did not fulfill my 4th appointment with the oncologist because  they kept trying to put my family history into a  square hole when it was a CIRCLE that did not follow ANY patterns of normalcy!

A generation of women who died of different cancers, no bio-markers, no cancer before, or after these women.  the BRCA was coming back “normal” and nothing to worry about.  NOTHING could be found on my mammograms.  3 different hospitals analyzed my films with no explanation as to WHY?  That generation of women lived in a fall out zone and would go watch the “light” from the bombs being let off in the Utah desserts…..

So— they attacked my “body fat”.    Really?  No dice man…. I work with “skinny” “FAT” people all the time who will die of breast cancer and heart disease by the time they are 60.  I left and never went back.  Life is NOT a trial, it is the real deal and I planned to LIVE it to the fullest when I left “home” and get back doing the best job I could learn how to do.



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