Price Per Drop

Posted on March 2, 2015

Price Per Drop

One of the biggest questions I receive from clients when mentoring them through the essential oil process is this— “How come they are so expensive?”  Well, this post is to help guide you in understanding the price behind each, pure drop, of a great essential oil.

Some things to consider:

  1. Pure essential oil of your choice (find out what my favorite essential oil is)
  2. They are fast acting because the are of the same material as our body– NATURAL COMPOUNDS
  3. With consistent use, results are always in favor of YOU having great side effects such as, better moods, complete rest, calmer behaviors, your thought process tends to be clearer with more focus, and those pesky irritants that arise occasionally, go away a lot faster when the immune system is supported and the body is clean enough to do it’s job efficiently.
  4. Look at what you are wanting to replace in your home health program and ask yourself, what else can this essential oil be used for?
    An example of this can be:

The purification blend of essential oils is our go to for all surface cleaning, windows, walls, air freshener, mirrors and any interior of the car!  We even use it for dusting! Voila— I just replaced 3-4 products with a few drops of an essential oil!

  • To make:
    1- 32 oz glass amber bottle
    Fill it with water
    Add 5 drops of a cleansing blend
    Nothing more– Nothing less.

Would you like a FREE copy of my favorite essential oils and their price-per drop?  You’ve got it….. Contact me. by clicking the image below.
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