#HealthCoach Opportunity!

Posted on August 8, 2014

#HealthCoach Opportunity!

WOO HOO!!!  

This is one of the best offers we have received for #IntegrativeNutrition!  You will LOVE this offer!  Here are the details…

You will save up to $1000* off the cost of tuition plus an iPad Air if they enroll within 24 hours of attending our very special live call on Tuesday, August 12th at 11 a.m. EST!

This exclusive live info session will provide your contacts with an inside look into the experience of being a student at Integrative Nutrition, including…

  • A guided tour of the new learning platform, the IIN Learning Center
  • A preview of the latest course curriculum
  • A sneak peek at our coaching circle sessions
  • Secrets for success as a student AND Health Coach

Blair is an amazing coach at IIN who helps us with our incoming students– you can reach her here:


Let her know that I, Sharon McDonald, sent you over to get in on the benefits of this #TuitionScholarship  at their time of your enrollment.You can also give them a call at (877)-733-1520 and IIN will take care of the rest! 
To your HEALTH,

Sharon McDonald, Integrative Healthcare

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